Author Roxann Pearson


(Contemporary Series Romance)

     The past has a way of catching up with us.  Always.  No matter how hard we try to escape it or hide, it's right there.  Because, after all, it's a part of what makes us who we are today.  The trick is learning how to use the lessons it taught us.   

     When Sharon Colton lost her first husband in a fatal bull-riding accident ten years ago, she made a solemn promise to herself and her son--their lives would never be touched by rodeo again.     

     But never say never because Cody Garrett, recently retired champion bull rider, and a part of Sharon's past that she is unable to forget, has just moved back to town.  Now everything, including her heart, is on the line.

(Contemporary Series Romance)

     Due to a little mishap with her method of birth control, Lucy Bennett has just learned she's pregnant.  But she sees no reason that this new state of affairs should in any way change her relationship with the baby's father.  She has every intention of letting him be a part of the baby's life.  Just not as her husband.  She saw what marriage did for her own mother and, well, thanks-but no thanks.

     Jake Masters has been down this road once before.  A very long time ago.  And this time, he plans on doing all the right things instead of all the wrong things.  First on his agenda is marriage-because that's the responsible thing to do.  Not because he can't imagine his life without Lucy in it.  No, not at all.  He's only doing this for the sake of the baby.  Or at least that's what he keeps telling himself.